26 Jan 2012


As I promised I would post a few pictures from the concert with Lauryn Hill that I went to this Monday.. Unfortunately I only brought my phone, so the pictures aren't too good but they give a little feeling of the atmosphere there still. One is before Miss Lauryn went on stage and the last one of me is on our way home from the concert.. Lots of snow here in Stockholm now! Anyways the concert was amazing :)

By the way, as you can see I have added a little extra to my header.. I thought it would be appropriate now that I live in Stockholm. The city is a part of my life and therefor a big part of me, so I thought it made perfect to add that little extra line to the blog title :) Hope you like it!


  1. Hvor er du fiiin :) Var det en god koncert? :)

    1. Tak Mette, hvor er du sød :) Det var en rigtig god koncert, hun tvistede alle hendes originale sange på en fed måde og så gav hun også lidt godt fra Fugees! Super fedt!! Xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I'm really glad you like them :) Xx