31 May 2011

Yesterdays Shopping

Yesterday my Mom, her friend and I went shopping Downtown Copenhagen. It was such a wonderful day and the sun was shining, couldn't have been better :) I got some new sandals and a nice colorful top from Zara that I will show you guys later :) Ya! I know I said I wasn't going to buy anymore, but I guess I can't live without these items haha :)
Here are a few photos from yesterday!

Shopping for a summer outfit at H&M

Self portrait :)

Love being a tourist in my own city :)

Blue elephant

Black elephant
Loveli Sandwich at Café Zirup (Strædet)
Coffee Break

What a wonderful strawberry pie ;)


  1. Hi Jo,
    Thanks for sharing. Love all the pictures.
    Kram Eva

  2. Hi Eva,
    Thanks for the comment :) I'm glad you're following :)
    Soon my pictures will be from Stockholm :)
    Knus Jo