2 Oct 2011


Last night I baked some CHOKLADBOLLAR (Swedish) and I guess they turned out pretty good, because this morning more than half of them was gone.. Wonder who ate them :) Anyways think I'll do some more now. I'll post some pictures from last weekend later, so check in again! Have a great SUNDAY.

If you want to try the wonderful CHOKLADBOLLAR, here is the recipe:
(About 25 of them)

100 g. butter (room temp.)
1 dl. sugar
3 dl. oats
2 big spoons of cocoa
1 little spoon of vanilla
30 g. kold coffee

For the outside; pearl sugar or coconut 

Mix all the ingrediences together, and roll them in pearlsugar or coconut. Place them somewhere cold for a while and they are ready! Tastes wonderful with a cup of coffee :)

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