5 Sep 2011


Hey guys!!

I've been pretty absent over the weekend, everything is okay and good here, actually better than it has been for a while. I've just been super busy and I'm trying to figure out how my new routines should be and how it works the best way for me and so.. I'm telling you, SO much school I have already, but it's GREAT! 
I actually have a few posts in my mind that I wanna do, hopefully I'll have time to share them with you guys the coming days.. I'm glad to see that you're still hanging around in here.  Not too much fun has been going on in here lately. Let me try and fix that Haha! 
Anyways.. after school today I went by the local knit store where I live and I found this really nice alpaca/wool yarn that I just had to get. So tonight I started knitting something for myself, which will be in good use during the coming cold winter here in Stockholm. I'll show you guys the final result when its done, so remember to check in ;)
Hope you have had a fantastic weekend?! Mine was wonderful and included both African dinner with two really nice Swedish girls, followed by a visit to a bar/club at Mosebacke. Saturday me and my boyfriend met up with a friend from Kalmar, who was in town and SUNDAY I spend at the university library! So overall a really really good weekend :)

I'll see you guys tomorrow! 

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