1 Sep 2011


Wow what a crazy day.. Yesterday I found out that I'm actually now registred for the courses that I need to be for this semester, which is NOT good at all!! So I have been writing so many emails and trying to get in touch with the right people at the University, so that I can fix this!! Really stressful. On top of that I still haven't recieved any SU from Denmark, so ya same thing here, lots of calls and emails. Good things the library at the University is a succes at least :) Found a nice spot and I definitely know where I need to sit and be if I have to get som real studying done. I can't wait for tomorrow and then weekend. I have SO much litterature to catch up on now, since I have used all the last days on getting stuff organized for the semester. I really really hope that things will start to work MY WAY soon! Please cross your fingers I need it hehe :)
Okay I should head home. I'm super tired and my boby is SO not 100 % yet. I talked to the doctors this morning and the told me that the symptoms would probably last a few weeks still and that I should expect my condition to be a 100 % untill 3-6 months... WOW I don't know what to do.. Well other than take it easy.. 
Anyways enough of my complains :)
Have a GREAT day guys!!

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