4 Jul 2011

4. juli - BUSY BUSY BUSY

Hey guys!
I am all the sudden really really busy!! I have a LOT of things to fix before the end of this month. It seems like a lot of time, but there is SO many different things to fix when moving and again when moving to another country. BUT.... I'm super excited and I can't wait :) 
I already did some things this morning, but I'm going to head out for a bit and then come back home and start from the top of the list :)

I'm trying not to get stressed, so music and mindfulness are my best friends these days :)
What do you guys do to cope with busy times and stress??

I look rather scared, but I'm trying to look calm - haha :)

Have a wonderful wonderful day and I hope yours is a bit less stressed than mine!!


  1. I make a list if I'm really stressed out!
    And then I complete one thing, before starting on another. And try to relax a little, so I'm not freaked out :P

    Well thank you - and yes, I'm not stressed at all!
    Hope you have a wonderful day to!

  2. Sounds like a good strategy :) Pretty similar to mine actually!
    And thank you :)