7 Jun 2011

Maxi dress

When I went shopping yesterday I finally found a maxi dress that looks good on me. I've been trying on a few different ones when I've been shopping lately but most of them make me look a lot bigger than I am.
But this one doesn't and I like that it's really simply - then I can play around with the accessories :)
It's perfect for a day on the beach and my vacation to Rome. I'll wear it when we go to The Vatican! No miniskirt or shorts that day :)

Maxi dress: H&M, 179 kr.

Hat: Føtex, 70 kr.
I also found the perfect summer hat. I'm very sensitiv and can't tolerate too much sun, so the hat will do me perfect in Rome and on the beach :)


  1. Also no bare shoulders, so bring a scarf :) Really cute dress!

  2. Ya ya that's true, I'll remember to bring a scarf or cardigan as well. And thank you :)