14 May 2011

14. maj - troubled blog!!

Not too happy with the blog not working and deleting my posts :((
I have had major trouble blogging and with the blog in general. My posts from the last tree days have been deleted somehow, so I'm not too happy :(
I hope that the blog will be working from now on, so that I can keep you guys updated.
My boyfriend is here and we went to a party at FARMA last night with my sister. It was crazy fun and we all had lots to drink...
I will post a few pictures from the last couple of days later on, maybe not until tomorrow! 
We sleept in laaate today and had a nice big breakfast.. Now we're getting ready to head out. It seems nice outside a bit windy though, but at least too nice to stay in.
Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend?? I sure am, and it's wonderful to have my boyfriend here :))
Have a great day :)

Back on track.. Life to short to stay bummed for too long at a time :)))

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